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laurence haim

Todayʼs is June 2nd. It is 8.30 pm Paris local time. I am now in front of my tv screen listening cautiously and watching (though typing words on my laptop all at the same time) journalist Laurence Haim interviewing elected president Barack Obama at the White House in Washington. What do I think ? Off course I am being careful to what is said regarding american foreign policy which is really important and to this real stand from american administration. I myself studied anglo-american civilization at university so I am very receptive and interested about this event.

But my concern is more for french political reporter Laurence Haim, a contributor at large for Canal + and I-télé. Iʼve been watching her for years on TV and always scrutinized the way she managed her carreer. The way she evolved in this specific world of women journalists and specifically being a journalist working on political issues.

A very discreet but hard working professional, Haim started to report on Barack Obama more than two years ago at a time when not quite any of us knew who he was. I personnaly first came ʻin touchʼ with the personnage reading my weekly newsmagazine Newsweek something like two years ago as well. Then I heard about him and became familliar with his thoughts and words through Haim TV reportsʼ. Sheʼd covered all the american elections from the beginning even folowing the Obama team when theyʼd go for political meetings in very remoted places. Sheʼd be there when other major networks wouldnʼt cover the story. I do remember Haimʼs exhausted face, thriving for a smile and cool attitude under pressure when sheʼd stood in the WDC cold while expecting the last paths of Obama toward ʻvictory hallʼ. We all saw her crying as well. Then off course what happened is history ! What Iʼd really like to emphasize with Haimʼs (possibly considered as unfashionable) posture is hard work and long suffering. She achieved today what any other biggest french or other international media hasnʼt been able to organise or obtain (for the record BBC got an interview as well but theyʼd be received by the president after Haim so french editor Laurence Haim went first). That is to say an exclusive interview of Barack Obama that she negotiated with Robert Gibbs (communication and external relations manager).

For Haim perseverance proved to be the key factor !

Congratulations to Laurence Haim !

by Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino

Crédits photo : Olivier Douliery / ABACAUSA.COM / CANAL+

/Laurence Haim is a french journalist and a writer whose books have been published by La Martinière and Robert Laffont. First job in the media were contributions for RTL She was a reporter for CAPA and LʼExpress before joining Canal + as a New York based correspondant and participating to the conception of I-Télé. She worked from 2002 to 2006 reporting from both New York and Bagdad along with legendary CBSʼ journalist Dan Rather. You might catch with her at every moment on the net since she posts daily news on her blog “A la Maison Blanche“.

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