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Neither Godard or Sagan, maybe both ! Give me a rendez vous in (Palais de) Tokyo, the one affectionated by the kinds of Kanye West, or may be in the Brighton Beach of Michel Gondry. Do not forget me, dream me. Neither Lelouch or Von Triers. Fast for sure. Maybe Lucy Jordan, leaving her bedroom, in a beautiful suburban city, opening up to the outside. Reaching maturity, aged 37, driving a sport car in Paris, the warm air in her hair. There is a hand and a purse, but Freud is not invited …

Ragazze Ornamentali is much more an influence rather than a plain statement, with tones of references though an opened platform. There is still space for other contributions. If *Pol Gachon kindly authorised the use the short movie that serves as an introduction to the ‘world’ of Ragazze Ornamentali some other artists could join the ‘band’ as well.

Two. They are two, not girls, more lipsticked women, high heeled kind, led by intuitions and trust, gifted with lot of seniority in their field at a young age. Isabelle Bois and Valentina Tortorella.

Both with italian origins, Bois Quirin and Tortorella, 32 and 39, met at Louis Vuitton where they became friends. Bois Quirin studied at Met of Peningen and Versailles School of Landscape, she graduated from Strate College, worked for Nina Ricci and Louis Vuitton as a designer but also as a member of the LV innovation lab. Tortorella has diplomas from Fine Art Institut of Vercelli and Marangoni Fashion Intitute in Milan. She joined Gianfranco Ferré and later Louis Vuitton where she occupied different senior positions from women accessories development to innovation department or men’s bags collections with Marc Jacobs.

The only mater is good work, and they do their best to reach excellence through right encounters, best materials, various personalities, in the style of Absolute Beginners but yet highly experienced with high standards of quality requirements for high end customers. Potential customers who have access to some of the largest choice of luxury goods, from big names to small brands or independent labels. These two have chosen independence. Although they are really a twined system, with each one an area of expertise and a singular vision, for sure partly key of their success and their story ‘so far’. Their road should be long and attractive since they yet show ways and means to attain their goals.

Quality is essential and a core strategy for the young accessories label. From leathers’ origin control, and suppliers that are more considered as partners and chosen for their craft work skills and their faithfulness to shared values with Ragazze Ornamentali. Communication is also more an integrated artistic way than plain advertising, opened to extra collaboration with other media or artistic means of expression. Crafting chain supply for the label is managed in a slow design style at a time when groups mostly expect to turn creativity plus green business into high rated return on investments.

Quality is as well a customer relationship management styled with high personal services  for people who expects to get the most rarefied items through specific treatments, or at home shopping with the opportunity to meet the founders of the brand and pick and serve into the collection.

They have just opened a boutique in Paris, in le Marais, but quite haphazardly, just because the opportunity showed up.

Sure they participated to the First Sustainable Luxury Fair (june 2009), but they do not need to emphasize or repeat in every sentences that they’re going green. It shows by itself and it is intrinsically part of the DNA of Ragazze Ornamentali, originality as well.

Ragazze Ornamentali

par Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino/ Copyrights photos Ragazze Ornamentali

*Pol Gachon, an artists, is the author of the movie, final cut by Marushka Hans : watch it here

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