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New project by entrepreneur Ambra Medda, L’Arco Baleno, is now online and there is no disapointment. The story is precisely what we were told about a few months ago and the team that worked along Medda to create this new kind of luxury consumer web start up amongst which Kreo Gallery, Gallery Nilufar or Demisch Danant really made the two bits ends if I can put it this way ! Two bits that is to say rare collectible designs and one of a kind editorial content that really enhances the story or the behind the scenes of the pieces.

The design selection is very much what we’d expect and you might want to check it regularly to maybe find something you fancy and really want to own. The curated list enables you to spot very affordable pieces next to more expensive treasures such as this beautiful table by french designer Maria Pergay, brought by Gallery Demisch Danant.

Keep in touch here : L’Arco Baleno

Crédit photo : Martien Mulder

Rainbow Table

From Gallery Demisch Danant :

Maria Pergay, Rainbow Table, 2010
75 x 220 x 145
Lacquered metal, glass, plexi base
Custom options available

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