OVS x Matthew Williamson supports young fashion designer Tracey Wong

A few weeks ago by haphazard I found an OVS shop and although I did not really like its window style I entered it in a search for some random piece. I must precise that from outside I saw an advertising featuring the name of fashion designer Matthiew Williamson and it intrigued me … In fact I was happy to find inside a lovely limited special collection by Tracey Wong, the laureate of F4YG, #Fashion For Young Generations. 

OVS is actually part of Gruppo Coin, an Italian retail business that has several other brands in its portfolio. Francesco Sama (OVS Managing Director) recently appointed Caterina Salvador as Fashion Coordinator for the group. She came with the idea of a project that aims to boost sales through brand awareness and customer traffic. She organized a competition for young fashion designer with the concourse of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. F4YG is a collaboration between OVS, CSM, Future Concept Lab and Maria Luisa Frisa. Williamson was selected to be the tutor or mentor for the young laureate. The collection has been in 100 stores since april 2013 with success. I would personnally never have entered an OVS shop if not because of this event and I must admit that although I am travelling in Italy quite often I never really noticed this fashion apparel actor before. I love the idea defended by Caterina Salvador that new talents needs not only exposure but a real opportunity to challenge creativity and facing the restrictions that comes with producing collection for big chain retail. Wants to know more ? See http://f4yg.ovs.it or http://f4yg.ovs.it/en/

img_capule_640x400 Tracey_320x320 matthew_316x320

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