The world according to Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk : “For my free work I don’t listen to audience, I follow my intuition.”


© Ruy Teixeira

Designer Kiki Van Eijk sat down to answer a few questions about her still young but sucessful career path. Although she could boast herself with collaborations with prestigious houses she keeps a very humble, realistic and  low profile attitude that of course I very much appreciate. So she doesn’t like it when I come with the ideas of  ‘instant success’ or ‘early recognition’. And I do agree with her. A sharp and concise mind, she points out some more than relevant informations about her work and the importance of time or about exchanging with Joost van Bleiswijk with whom she cofounded and still runs her studio. In the video below you can discover her recent work for Cristallerie Saint Louis, a ligthning collection named Matrice. Glassware work is not a premiere for the designers since they made some cake plates for Secondome in 2010 or to name another project, Light a Moment in 2012 for the creative label Laikingland.

Madame Business : You started your studio 12 years ago or so and have since then worked on collaborations with high profile such as latest projects with Saint Louis or Hermès.

Kiki Van Eijk :  Although I do not like the words ‘instant success’ you seem to have achieved this high level and recognition from a very early ‘age’ ? I don’t know…! I graduated in 2000 with my “kiki carpet”. That was a worldwide success immediately, but it took a long time to have such high level collaborations as Saint Louis or Hermès. I would say it took 10 years to get there …

MB : How do you share the work and the creative processus with Joost ? Have both of you evolved simultaneously ?

KVE : Yes! But both in our own way. We share life and thoughts and influence each other. We also advice each other, without loosing each others concepts and way of working.

MB  : Is it a choice not to work on mass produced objects and furnitures ? Is it a stand to concentrate on limited editions and luxury hand crafted production ?

KVE: No it’s not a choice. And limited editions is not the only thing I design. Look at the fabrics for Bernhardt Design for example: they are produced in big quantity, but on very high quality standards

MB  : How do you engage with your audience in the sense of being able to listen and meet with people who like your design and support your philosophy ?

KVE : I’m always open to talk to them on exhibitions or when they want to visit my studio. And if they have a special request I can always make something custom made. But for my free work I don’t listen to audience, I follow my intuition.

Discover Kiki’s world here.

Bijoux_kiki_HR_748Light a MomentKikiJoost14_HR_575

brick_HR_640 Brickfotoruudpeijenburg_HR_642

© Nacása & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of  Hermès Japon  / Kiki van Eijk

© Nacása & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of  Hermès Japon

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