Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, cofounders of GlamGlow in Hollywood, California : “Most young entrepreneurs ask for too much help from outsiders and don’t follow their gut. Our advice is to do it yourself and trust your instincts. “


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When it comes to tell about her forward thinking vision of her brand here is what Shannon says : “Right now we have products planned as far as 2019 so the brand will continue to set trends in the skincare industry.” Call her a visionnary, you might indeed !!! Shannon Dellimore is the cofounder of GLAMGLOW, a cosmetic brand that she envisionned with her husband and partner, Glenn. Hence I call them a power couple but although they have secure a multi billion dollars business they still want to take risks. You might consider them puffed with pride in their GLAMLAND manor but as soon as you see them making faces and fun of themselves you understand how humble and self conscious they both are. We do not get it wrong. And I love that ! So it seems that they still feel that they owe something to the people who actually buy their products (no matter them being either celebs or you and me shopping at Sephora) and support their growth as they thrive to developp more innovative beauty solutions. Bringing to us some of the best kept secrets of Hollywood professionals and revealing our inner beauty. GLAMGLOW has gained great recognition from the pros and won numerous prizes since it launched including Best Face Mask in the ELLE International Beauty Awards and Harper’s Baazar Beauty Top 100 award. Meet Glenn and Shannon Dellimore.

Business Madame : What is the story behind GlamGlow ?

Glenn & Shannon Dellimore : GLAMGLOW started on our coffee table after celebrity friends said they couldn’t find a product to get their skin on-camera ready in minutes without having to visit the spa. We didn’t intend to sell the product but the mask worked so well and was so innovative it caught on quickly. Four-years later its one of the top selling skincare products in the world.

BM : How did you benefit from your previous experiences to launch your own business ? Both Glenn and you ?

​SD : Before we founded GLAMGLOW I worked as a paralegal at one of LA’s premiere entertainment law firms representing top Hollywood celebrities. Working in such a highly demanding profession taught me to be incredibly organized and detail oriented. I was always on 24-hours a day and approached everything with the highest level of honesty. I do the same at GLAMGLOW. I always know exactly what’s happening with the company and we have a clear strategy which helped us grow so quickly. Glenn has always been entrepreneurial and willing to take risks. He’s learned what works and what doesn’t and has been applied those valuable lessons to GLAMGLOW. He has no fear and often convinces me to try things I wouldn’t normally consider. We are a great team because we each have a very different skill sets that balance each other perfectly.

BM : How do you share the job with your husband ? Do you multitask or have you set a team now ?

SD : Glenn and I make all decisions about GLAMGLOW together and if one of us disagrees with something we always work to find a solution together. When it comes to product development, we both sit down and brainstorm the next product concept. We are equally creative and passionate when it comes to developing GLAMGLOW formulas and we are willing to take risks which is why GLAMGLOW products are so innovative. As far as day to day operations, my role is to run the company and Glenn oversees GLAMGLOW’s creative direction.

BM : GlamGlow is yet declined into different products but what more extension to the brand are you thinking of ? This remaining loyal to the ‘young’ legacy of the brand ?

​G&SD  : The future of GLAMGLOW will always stay true to the brand. We will always use mud and a leaf steeping system to deliver active ingredients. That said, the brand can translate extremely well to other types of beauty categories and we have products planned until 2019.​

“Most young entrepreneurs ask for too much help from outsiders and don’t follow their gut. Our advice is to do it yourself and trust your instincts.” Glenn & Shannon Dellimore

BM : You received exciting coverage and word of mouth facilitated the brand awareness, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs in this field ?

​G&SD : If you have a great product you want to share it with as many people as possible because your enthusiasm helps it grow. We knew our original mask YOUTHMUD was special and we shared it with friends, family and influencers. Most young entrepreneurs ask for too much help from outsiders and don’t follow their gut. Our advice is to do it yourself and trust your instincts. Stay confident and true to your vision; don’t cloud it with other peoples’ opinions because their ideas may not be right for your brand. Remember, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

BM : GlamGlow was generously awarded and acknowledged as a break trough by highly respected organisations, how do feel about that and what’s the challenge now ?

​G&SD : From day one we have always been incredibly humbled and honored by every award we win. We never expect to win an award and we still get excited when we do. We display each one in our Hollywood offices to remind us of our incredible accomplishments. The challenge now is the same as it’s been from the beginning. How do you continue to innovate products and bring something new to the market that consumers have never seen before? GLAMGLOW only launches products that have never been done. Right now we have products planned as far as 2019 so the brand will continue to set trends in the skincare industry.

BM : We’d love to know a bit more about you ! What is your favorite perfume ? What do you read now ? Who is your most prefered designer ? Your best hotel abroad ? Your ‘cantine’ in LA ? What does your office looks like ?

​G&SD : My favorite perfume is Valentino Valentina. Glenn wears Lolita Lempicka. As far as books go, we spend a lot time reading children’s books to our 5-year-old daughter. I don’t have a specific designer that I wear all the time but I do love Monique Lhuillier and Hermès. Glenn loves Tom Ford. Our favorite hotel abroad is One&Only in the Maldives. Our favorite restaurant is BOA on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Our offices look very different now than they did at GLAMGLOW’s inception. At the beginning we worked out of 795 square feet of our home. As the staff grew we converted more and more of our house into office space. First, taking over our daughter’s playroom, then the guest room and eventually the guest house. In January we moved into a historical Hollywood property that is now GLAMLAND. Built in 1924, it was frequented by Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Glenn and I decorated it ourselves to our taste while staying true to the GLAMGLOW brand. It’s an infusion of early 1900’s with a futuristic vibe. We look for things that contradict each other but work well together too. That’s really the embodiment of the GLAMGLOW brand. It’s what keeps us fun, sexy and innovative.


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