Baccarat Legendary Stories : define love !

Chiara Clemente ©Carlotta Manaigo

French legendary Maison Baccarat, commissioned 3 film directors to create one of a kind short movies paying tribute to its legacy as it celebrates its 250th anniversary. Chiara Clemente (pictured above), Sonia Sieff and Josephine de la Baume invites us each one in a story in which she envision and play with Harcourt crystal glass, an iconic handcrafted piece that is part of the collection.

As I was just longing to see again the wonderful Alex Katz exhibit at Galerie Ropac in Pantin, I felt really transported by this momentum movie, about love at first sight, about companionship, grace better than beauty, critical feelings and sharing a common passion as a couple. Clemente introduces us to Ada and her husband famous painter Alex Katz, whom spent his whole life dedicating his art work to her, shaping her face, her look, attitude and silhouette once so young and then with years and beautiful wrinkles appearing on her face. Katz says that his wife is the most painted women of the century !!! Their love is still young and definitely makes sense with Baccarat’s brief as interpreted by Clemente : Harcourt as the photo studio tradition and love as seen through the lens of an artist, something to drink for. To die for and to celebrate.
Other movies by film directors Sonia Sieff and Josephine de la Baume are featuring muse and model Caroline de Maigret co starring with actor Thierry Fremont in ‘Ex’, while the second shows two almost teenagers neighbours flirting together in London – both short movies being a beautiful excuse to show the Baccarat crystal wares.

Baccarat Legendary Stories

Alex Katz

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