We are Team SCA : “Day to day life training for the @volvooceanrace is not your regular office job”


On July 1st, Team SCA began its training for the next Volvo Ocean Race. Team SCA is an international team of 11 women engaged in the Volvo Ocean Race starting in October (Alicante, Spain for Leg 1), sailing on 5 oceans with no more support but same ways and means than regular men teams. I encourage you to read more about it on their site while in the meantime I personnaly dig out on their full time commitment and come back to you asap with a full length interview ! Still part of our “Summer session” as we meet with some profesionnal women athletes and understand what it means to do not a ‘regular office job’. Stay tunned !

@volvooceanrace #weareteamsca teamsca.com volvooceanrace.com

Abby Ehler on training for the 2014 Volvo Ocean Race : “SCA has provided the platform for our team to engineer and innovate within the team, and Volvo has provided us with the boats and everything we need to race. New boats are a strict one-design so this has taken away the design war element from the race and shifted the focus to the performance of the crew onboard.”

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