Tictail : Finnish-born London based designer Julia Lundsten : “Always help other small companies if you can, it doesn’t take away from you but very likely the favour will be returned to you in the future.”


I really think that you should have a closer look at this designer’s interview. The editorial credit is all for Tictail, not Business Madame. Multi awarded (inc. Finnish Young Designer of the Year Award, Elle Accessories Designer of the Year, Manolo Blahnik Award and more) Julia Lundsten has a really interesting carreer path and as I am my-self into the Tictail solution for any wannabe ecommerce entrepreneur or an easy but efficient option to further developp any exisiting business, I shall share more of these contents with you in the up coming months.

Here is an excerpt of the interview :

Hi Julia! What is the story behind FINSK?

We are a small independent brand, who value good design and the beauty and characteristics of natural materials such a leather and wood. We work closely with skilled craftsmen who make our shoes by hand in a small town in Brazil. FINSK is a collaboration between maker and designer to constantly push our product forward in a new and creative way.

How did you end up starting your own shoe brand?

I studied Fashion Design and specialised in Footwear for my MA at the Royal College of Art. It happened quite naturally after my graduation; I initially did some consultancy and freelance design work, and eventually the right opportunity came along to start my own brand in 2004!

… read more here : Store of the Week: Finsk Shoes

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