Milan report / And beyond … An air of Italy : Airbnb x Fabrica and Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Spring retreat on the Almafi coast : Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Italy.

With spring coming there are some ‘profumi’ of Italy in the air ! I mean that the way I feel since the first time I went to Italy in my teenage years was in spring. Attached to memories are also smells, feelings and an awesome good mood ! So this is no wonder why I distill a few ‘drops’ of Italy in quite some of my posts these days. Added to that my recent trip to Milan for the Salone and a few design events I want to share with you. Here I am shring with you about a place where I have not been (yet !) but which have always been a dream destination. Being a fan designer Gio Ponti I would love to stay at Hotel Parco des Principi in the same region but as for now I am all eyes on the same Almafi coast and the Belmond Hotel Caruso, situated in Ravello, Italy. Here are some of the beautiful views you can get anywhere in the hotel and its surroundings and while enjoying either sailing, the Spa or cooking lessons with the family.

Housewarming : the art of hospitality by Airbnb x Fabrica at Palazzo Crespi, Milan.

During the Salone del Mobile, Airbnb teamed up with Fabrica a communication research centre based in Treviso, Italy and introduced a temporary design installation at Palazzo Crespi, on Corso Venezia, Milan. Envisionned by Fabrica’s Head of Design Sam Baron, a team of 19 students worked on conceptualizing and interpreting the art of guest hosting the italian way. The venue is a ‘real’ house and has been the property of the Crespi family since the begining of the XXth century so the hosting of the Airbnb event in the form of the designers comes as an extrapolation of the generosity demonstrated by all the members of Airbnb comunity. Shown below are Daniel Rous’ tea installation, Sam Baron’s Bienvenus, a take on the flower bouquet, Marco Furio Magliani’s Welcome Photoshoot (I loved that ! such a good idea to bring us back to Polaroid !) and Marlene Wolfmair’s Jausensackerl.

This is the second collaboration of this kind between Airbnb and designers after last year London Design Festival event. “Design helps shape our everyday interactions, through products, furniture, objects, or experiences,” said Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. “Fabrica’s innovative students will showcase Airbnb’s belief that design can create a sense of belonging and facilitate connections between a global community.”

Milano, Fabrica for Airbnb © Cristian Castelnuovo

Web credits: / / Housewarming, Airbnb x Fabrica.

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