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If you are interested in design you are aware of the Designers Days (@ddays_paris) for sure. Last year I was honored to participate to the jury of the Orange International Design Competition. This year starting tomorrow I am commissioned to moderate design Talks still in central Paris in a fancy place called the Carreau du Temple, in Le Marais. It is called Think Life Forum, based upon an original idea of the Designers Days, it is powered by Audi. Audi talents awards to be more specific. Orange and Audi being the main patrons of the arts of this design festival, I mean the DDays. During 4 days I will somehow take on the discussion about different design practices such as food, reading, mobility, financing, … I have spent the last few days interviewing more than 20 amazingly inspiring professionals with each one a different way to integrate or implement design in their own field of interest or industry. The sky is the limit. Definitely. I could share more about it with you but what’d work best is for you to come and join us as we discuss during the Talks.

Here below is the agenda if you want to attend the Talks. Please note that there is plenty more, all content being engineered by the @ddays_paris team, here I mentionned only the part I am involved in (except for Design is code). If you really cannot make it or are abroad there is no problem at all since the talks are live streamed :


· 1.30-2.30 pm/ 13h30-14h30 

Manger demain / Consuming tomorrow 

Fast food, slow food, urban agriculture, synthetic food: our most basic need, food is as much of a social as technological innovation. Discover how design will help evolve this primal practice. 

Guest speakers :

 – Louis Agon, Farm up, Aquaponie domestique 

 – Léa Pruykamequere, Esadse, Entomophagy

 – Stéphane Bureaux, Culinary Design 

 – Alexis Lefevre, Fermes de Gally, Fermes contemporaines 

 stephane bureaux culinary food innovation hybrid design

· 5-6 pm/ 17h-18h 

Design is code 

Generative art, information art, interactive art: a connected artform produced by code. As “software is eating the world”, digital art borrows from design. Is digital art design? What opportunities for cross-pollination? 

Guest speakers : 

 – Brendan Dawes, Interactive Designer (via Skype) 

 – Louis Eveillard, Interactive Designer 

 – Pr. Norbert Hillaire

 – Director of research, Institut ACtE (via Skype) 

 – Jean-Yves Le Moine, Transmedia expert 

 – Fabrice starzinkas, Director of the studio dept, Bright 

Moderator : Abdel bounane, CEO Bright 



· 1.30-2.30 pm/ 13h30-14h30 

Lire demain / Reading tomorrow 

240 characters, e-readers, e-books, the media crisis: Gutenberg’s invention, which revolutionized modern civilization is today threatened by digital progress. How will we read tomorrow? 

Guest speakers : 

 – David Lacomblède, Orange 

 – Georges-Emmanuel Morali, Thé des écrivains 

 – Adèle Pédrola, Apprimerie, digital books for children 

 – Christophe Rioux, Author and novelist 


· 5-6 pm/ 17h-18h 

Le Design de l’existant / Design of our current world 

Are we in the process of moving further away from a linear production paradigm? Does circular design exist? Listen to some testimonials from those committed to exploring this idea. 

Guest speakers :

 – Anja Rasolondraibe, La réserve des arts 

 – Pascale Mussard, Hermès, petit h 

 – Lola Thebault-Royer x Gilles Baudoux, sempervivum/0 chute  


· 6-7 pm/ 18-19h

Être chez soi partout/ travailler en tout lieu  – At home anywhere/work everywhere 

Digital technology has transcended space, blurring lines that were once separate: these days it’s all too easy to work on your sofa or take a nap in the office. This talk will take stock of these changes to our daily spatial boundaries. 

Guest speakers :

 – Martin Langlois, Villa Bonne Nouvelle, Innovating workspaces 

 – Antoine van den Broek, Mutinerie, coworking workspaces

 – Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino, Design & Mobility 



· 2.30-3.30 pm/ 14h30-15h30 

20 ans plus tard, le monde de demain raconté par des artistes / 20 years later – tomorrow’s world as envisionned by artists 

Human behaviour, urban planning, virtuality, social interaction, nutrition… Given the changes of today’s world, which thoughts do the artists have regarding tomorrow’s lifestyle? The Audi talents awards winners address the issue and imagine the world 20 years from now. 

Guest speakers : 

 – Coralie Fargeat, lauréate Audi talents awards, catégorie Court-métrage 2013 

 – Alexandre Echasseriau, lauréat Audi talents awards, catégorie Design 2014 

 – Gaël Charbau, commissaire d’exposition 



· 2.30-3.30 pm/ 14h30-15h30 

Design is money 

Everyone talks about how the industry is in crisis, but we still need to make a living! A conversation about initiatives that offer us the chance to reinvent the business model for designers. 

Guest speakers :

 – Sarah Corne, Ulule, Crowdfunding (example featured below : Glowee)

 – Agnès Tricoire, Lawyer, Intellectual property

 – Assellin Jouanneau, Open Design 

 – France Hureaux, Zelip, plateforme communautaire 

 – Denis Geffrault, Designer ZOO 


· 4-5 pm/ 16h-17h 

Design is commitment 

With its humble origins in organized manual labour, design is more about quiet achievements than self-conscious glory. But because it influences our habits, the discipline has revealed itself as a major generator of social change. Design is an integral element of community life. 

Guest speakers :

   – Unqui, Agence de design, EHPAD 

   – Caroline Naphegyi, Design for Change, Lille 

   – Hervé Matine, Poster for tomorrow 


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