Peter Fabrin, Haglöfs’s new CEO engage the brand in new strategic steps : “Making Haglöfs leader in sustainability is a central part of our business”.

“We are following our strategic plan to create long-term sustainable development. We are working hard and doing many effective things that will make a difference going forward for our customers and consumers and for Haglöfs as a company. We have also recently strengthened our organization with a number of people who bring expertise in several of our focus areas,” says Haglöfs CEO Peter Fabrin.

 “Making Haglöfs leader in sustainability is a central part of our business. For spring 2016, 75 percent of our products will carry Take Care labeling and we are well on track to achieve our wanted position,” concludes Peter Fabrin. 

Swedish sports apparels brand Haglöfs was born in 1914, as a group of friends and outdoor activities professionals started to expect more from their accessories. They first created Haglofs as a back pack manufacturer with a tiny but relevant production. As the company grew and devellopped it also evolved with a larger panel of products ranging from footwear to clothing and technical hardware. Since 2010 the company is the property of ASICS Corporation and its main strategic focus is sustainability both for the products but as part of the intrinseque management of its assets and operations.

I hope I can be more precise and exclusive in my approach sometimes as Haglofs is one of the sport apparel brand I am quite attentive to along with Italian sneaker manufacturer Diadora amongst others …



Diadora S8000 “Espresso Ristretto”

Diadora Sport just reintroduced the S8000 in a new version. The limited edtion of the S8000 “Espresso Ristretto” is fresh from the archives of the Italian manufacturer, bringing style, confort and avant-garde as much as it was back in the 1990’s when it was launched as a very innovative pair of sneaker part of the Sportwear collection.

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