There is more than Le Tour de France : something like hiking the Haute Route events !!!

Unless you are currently training to be in perfect shape for the next Haute Route event or just finished Le Tour de France on the Champs Elysées, you may consider the fact that cycling can also be about having a good time during the summer … If the weather is not either too bad meaning rainy or too warm as it is now (sorry I definitely do not like summer, and that is not a joke …), riding your bike in the city or the countryside is something else than rushing from point A to point B as you probably do the rest of the year while riding the city lanes for work. Unfairly enough my own bikes remained stuck in my basement since a few months for some reasons … But it doesn’t refrain me from delightfully sharing with you some cycling ‘trends’. Beyond the news of a bike by Bensimon I have also spotted two nice and relevant collaborations : with sport and urban orientations. First is between Le Coq Sportif and Colette, celebrating the launch of the Colette Cycling Club, just in time to be fit for Le Tour de France. The second is between two Danish brands : Fritz Hansen and Velorbis. Velorbis has designed the bicycle ‘Arrow Seven 60.

Danish design, not least, Danish furniture design, has always been an important source of inspiration for our work, so we view this opportunity to work with Fritz Hansen as a great honour and a big pat on the back,’ says Kenneth Bødiker, co-owner, Velorbis, and adds, ‘A well-designed bicycle is a piece of contemporary furniture, which deserves to be displayed on your wall at home, to be admired by yourself and your guests, complementing your other designer furniture.’

The collaboration between Velorbis and Fritz Hansen has been inspiring and effective because of our shared values, driven by an ambition of designing simple, functional and aesthetic products in the highest quality. We are always interested in presenting our brand from a new perspective that is interesting to our clients. And we are always interested in working with strong brands that share our vales, and our collaboration with the Danish brand Velorbis is an example of that,’ says Sofie Lindahl-Jessen, Executive Vice President Sales & Brand Management, Fritz Hansen.

Of course I could not miss these two trendy ‘packages’. But seriously speaking Haute Route is currently what is exciting me ! I might come back with some news and a report about it later this summer as opportunities may arise for deeper understanding and experiencing this event. Here is what the organisers says : ‘It is a life changing event ! From rookie to serious racers anyone can do it !’ Not sure about that ! Keep in touch !


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