Manger, Coco Lapine, The Socialite Family, … My lifestyle blog favorites ;-)

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@minna_jones’s, @mimithor (Manger blog by Mimi Thorisson), Sarah Van Peteghem’s and Constance Gennari’s are regular web destinations … these are some of my most preferred lifestyle blogs. I like blogs that make design, food and sometimes a bit of fashion cohabitates on the same post …  You may wonder where do I see fashion ? Hence my quote of Mimi Thorisson’s blog for fashion as I really like her stylished wardrobe … Her take on food too of course ! I could name others (Etsy‘s blog for instance) but I tend to check almost everyday on these ones also because they convey this somehow ‘gentledesign’ trend (reference to The Gentlewoman magazine) that is very important to me. Although these digital medias have a large audience they still bear this small, handcrafted, low profile aesthetic. There I think lies their strength as in fact behind this window of humility they are powerful prescription tools. This same trend can be found in the food culture and industry where a few actors are taking the same direction. Not only in the blogs and magazines if you think about Kinkfolk or Fricote but also in the way local groceries are unveiling brand identities that really tackles the British Waitrose and alikes. This calls to mind parisian Maison Plisson’s beautiful identity by Paris and NYC based creative studio Be Pole.

Of course I am a fan and supporter of entrepreneurs whom actually make a business out of their passion hence my references to lifestyle bloggers specialized in design from a ‘domestic’ point of view or any food related features. From Ikea (opening picture) to trendy stylist Lotta Agaton festive tables are everywhere reintroducing family and friends gathering at the center of lifestyle imagery and vision. Reorganising my kitchen is a bit of an obsession especially that It is a tiny one and I really like to cook for friends ! Here below I have listed a few equipements that any sound (and somehow ambitious) cooker may consider mandatory for his kitchen. It is hard to choose between American Viking Serie 7, British made iconic AGA cooker coming in a 90 cm width version, French ‘piano de cuisson’ La Cornue Chateau Carbonne or Chateau G4. Features, sizes and functionalities may vary but what I like most is that all the manufacturers are now offering their exceptional products in versions that are consistent with modern living and smaller spaces. And I am a bit of a fan of beautifully crafted cooking accessories by Malle W.Trousseau as well : another version of the Ikea start box but in a more exclusive and luxury edition ! And don’t neglect other decoration details such as wall painting with Farrow and Ball large range of ‘bespoke’ colours.

A few days ago I interviewed Alexandra Swedens, co founder of Gelinaz, so if you are interested in gastronomy and contemporary cooking keep an eye on the blog !


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