Beautiful memory with the new Volvo XC90 in Britany, France.

New Volvo XC 90 Road test

End of Spring was the perfect season to spend a week-end in Britany and enjoy a ride with the new Volvo XC90. I am really fond of scandinavian culture and lifestyle and when it comes to Volvo it is a must of course. We stayed in a historic castle member of the Relais & Chateaux label, Chateau de Locguenole. An hotel with a view on a hidden bay on the sea – quite etheral landscapes and wilderness …

The castle and its surroundings were exquisitely old fashioned and genuinely similar to what it must have been two or three centuries ago. Something I definitely loved about this place. To say the least … for the first time in my – digital – life I was afraid of asking if there was a Wifi for the hotel guests … Although the staff was very nice to everyone. The ‘potager’ and the swimming pool all seated pretty in the atmosphere of lost memories … Beyond anything, there were also the pristine woods and that string of sea that entered into the estate with its own private ’embarcadère’. I even had my shortest but most beautiful and ‘savage’ run of the year there. The many scars on my legs could testify about this thrilling and unexpected experience. Another major moment was meeting with the Volvo Ocean Race teams that I had first met with in Alicante (Spain) prior to the start of the worldwide race.

Back to the car experience as a co-pilot as usual ! The comfort of the car interior design is for sure what we enjoyed the most and that added to the sound system that beats most of the others I have tested so far. Our playlist included singer Christine and the Queens and we’d listen to her music with the opera theater configuration. Awesome, such a thrill !

Also Sommar is Volvo’s lifestyle magazine which I had my hands on for the first time on this occasion. I really fancied it and I took a copy away with me which I read in the TGV on my way back home. More than thriving to sell an attitude or so, it simply shares a way of life, quite not that much Swedish as one might expect but more cultural, sport, oriented … global values that translates into beautiful stories and interviews of influencers. It reminds me of Made by Originals by Design Hotels. And it is consistent with the international image I’ve made myself of the new version of the Volvo XC90.

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