Samsung Serif TV by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec : “Initially there was no commission or demand for developing a TV”.


I do not want a TV. Do you ? My say being : who actually wants a TV set ? … when even home appliances offers a convenient screen and since we can of course watch our Netflix programs on our phones while on the go or on the big screen of our IMac at home … Unless you qualify for home theater expectations or so. Living space tends to shrinck back for those of us living in cities and we urban dwellers must make a choice between a large flat with commutings with the suburb or smaller towns versus a tinier appartement but well nested in the heart of the city. Our places accommodates our families and also our furnitures and home equipments including electronics and all these screens. Very first and last time I bought a TV was more than a decade ago and when it died after having being moved not too carefully as I would, yes, move from a place to another, it was never missed. I mean not enough to feel that I needed to buy another one and I do not think that anything on the market would have fit my tastes anyway. Plus it was quite small and light and liked the fact that I could move it around my flat easily. The same way I would wander about at home now with my Iphone or friends staying by with their tablets watching their movie or so. It fitted perfectly with my lifestyle then. Back in the years … 

“Initially there was no commission or demand for developing a TV or any other final product. We had agreed upon training a part of the design team In Korea, under the direct management of the Head of Design at Samsung Electronics, in charge of TV segment. Our R&D work led to the design of Serif TV.” Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Samsung Serif TV series was introduced last month during London Design Festival and is due to be available by the end of the year. Only in UK, Sweden, Danemark and France. If you are the kind of person whom prefers not to have and not to buy better than owning a piece that doesn’t comply fully with your will or need, you will love Serif. I love Serif. I like that it is more than another new electronics … Suddenly because of its design Serif changes our vision and understanding of what a TV should be or should not be. This project really defines our relationship with this kind of electronic device and well, this is how Samsung’s design executives puts it. This is a premiere for the brand and we hope that it will inspire other products development, with a disruptive UX driven design. A real shift ! Totally out of the box !

Serif TV is highly innovative as much as it is highly emotional ! It is either you are totally found of it or you just cannot understand it. There is no in between. Same for its extra features such as its interface application which was also developed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec along with the engineers at Samsung. Serif is also a shelf, Serif is a display screen, Serif is a music player, Serif is an object. One that can act loud as much as it can play it down, almost hidding himself or better making a stand out of being so pretty and well designed enough to bear the competition with any of your designer’s home furnitures and pieces … Samsung Serif TV is a series that stands for itself.

I would never buy a new TV set but for sure I’d own a Samsung Serif TV by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec as soon as it is available on Serif’s dedicated website. Yes … Meaning I actually want one : a TV. Just hesitating between two sizes.


Copyrights Studio Bouroullec

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