When a motor sport legacy meets 3D printing innovation : Audi Toolmaking prints a « Audi Union Typ C »

Audi Toolmaking prints “Auto Union Typ C”

In the process of making any machine speed may have its word. Way before it has been assembled and not for the reasons one may think of : driving fast a fast delivered car … 3D printing is all over the media and especially in the techs and innovatives related  

The edge of technology proves the best ally in the quest of reconciliating legacy and the most innovative engineering. Even more true in the form of a 3D printer. With Audi Toolmaking, engineers of the in-house toolmaking division printed a scale 1:2 repplica of the historical 1936 Grand Prix sports car “Auto Union Typ C” ensuring crafting precision with the printer’s selective-sintering laser. In its time Auto Union Typ C was one of a kind and one of the fastest car. Now it can be produced with the 3D printer’s milling machine at the speed of up to 24,000 revolutions per minute. Applying this innovation to a historical machine is the best way to prove the mastering of this technology and to further its use for contemporary industrial design. Meaning that now complex components can be manufactured faster.


New machinery for Audi’s Toolmaking: Toolmaking Neckarsulm Audi shows toolmaking innovations at the “formnext” trade faNew machinery for Audi’s Toolmaking:

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