Our conversation with Founder & Executive Director of Graines d’Alma Daniella Anush about healthy food.

Executive Director of Graines d'Alma Daniella Anush

Healthy, sustainable food is everywhere and this field has been embraced by groups of entrepreneurs all over the world. France is not left behind with talented talents including Graines d’Alma’s Founder Daniella Anush. Read our conversation with the French entrepreneur.

Business Madame : We start with the usual question regarding the story behind ‘Graines d’Alma’ ? What is the meaning of the name and what does it stands for in term of both products and values ?

Daniella Anush : Graines d’Alma was founded in an effort to bring on the market an offer of hard to find products and even some that were not referenced yet in France. My decision making proved to take time as I was really moving forward on new territories, plus very much unknown ! Healthy food is a passion and I really wanted to share it with others ! A new take ! In the Roman mythology Alma was the goddess for harvests and food, hence the design of the logo bearing a woman’s face. Somehow my protector …

BM : Prior to launch Graines d’Alma what did you do ? What did you study and where ?

DA : At the time I had just finished my MBA in Hospitality Management, specializing in the luxury brands and I had just started to work in one of the most reputated Palace in Paris as a Personnal Assistant.

BM : I am just back from London and as I always do overthere I spent hours (litterally) in food groceries such as M&S, Planet Organics or Waitrose. Waitrose being my favorite go to place when I want to buy food ! East Asian, Scandinavian and UK retail markets are often regarded as ‘golden’ places when it comes to fine and organic food.

DA : I think it starts to be the same thing in Paris, in every neighborhood we can see vegan and health stores or restaurants opening ! What comes also to mind is the grocery store Maison Plisson which is wonderful. People are more health conscious as it became necessary and not just a trend, it is at the core of any path to a better understanding of oneself. And a must do to stay fit and in good shape !

BM : Does the rise of food oriented publications and magazines including Rare Medium, Fricotte, Gather Journal, Cereal and Kinfolks of course influences your industry ? Meaning a younger and very creativity driven community that is inspired by fine and plain food ? Quality better than quantity and a sense of honesty regarding food.

DA : Yes, I totally think so. Very often we lack of some products or go totally out of stock not because of bad stock management but really because we can’t afford bad quality. We buy from the producers only their best harvests, their premium quality products and it sometimes leads to not being able to supply the demand. As the readers of these magazines you’ve mentioned we are quality driven and want to offer only the best. Yes definitely quality better than quantity ! This is our policy !

BM : If I was to compare it (except for figures) I would tend to do so putting Graines d’Alma next to Dorset Cereals (I am a fan !!!) or also Ila. Why would I choose those ? Of course there is a mutual sense of ethos and commitment to quality. But what stands out is really someting else : in fact because having a limited number of products your food is quite like a collection.  Hence my question : how do you decide to launch a new product ?

DA :  My objectif is to launch only one or two products per year. Bringing to the customers 100 new references is not what I thrive for ! Not at all. What matters most is uniqueness, as we tend to offer some exclusive gourmet and healthy food. Otherwise yes I do have some new stuff on the coming soon but this if for a bit later !

BM : How could the brand or collection develop in the upcoming months ? Years ?

DA : We are currently working on new implantations and also expanding with growing exportations to the North American market which is starting to smile at us !


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