The 2016 edition of The Design Hotels™ Book


In creating our Influencers List 2016, we wanted to recognize those whose dynamic ways of thinking capture the feel of the land and the emotionality of a destination,” says Claus Sendlinger, founder and CEO of Design Hotels™

… Airbnb launched its magazine a year ago helping to share its philosophy and art de vivre through the pages of a soft copy rendez-vous. Something I really like. But lovers of design and trendy hotels have since long been in the expectation of the annual edition of The Design Hotels™ Book. A hard copy celebrating the art of designing and running bespoke hospitality services brought by the best hoteliers in the world sharing their tips and experiences. The Influencers List 2016 features Kit Kemp, Space Copenhagen, India Mahdavi, Matteo Thun, Colin Seah, Monika Gogl, Duangrit Bunnag, Gert Wingårdh, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and Sarah Tarruella.
The book is definitely a must read & it can be pre-ordered (the release is on April 1, 2016) from


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