Discussion with Fatou Gueye, Head of Product Economy & Premium Economy at Air France


An engineer by training with studies including Aeronautics and Civil Aviation, Telecom, IT and Project Management and System Engineering, Fatou Gueye‘s career really got started with her joining the French carrier company Air France after two previous jobs at other companies. Before being appointed at her current position she worked at improving various internal complex information systems. Now in charge of both product and service design her mission defines in a few words of taking the long haul customer experience to the next level (namely Head of Product Economy & Premium Economy). We met in December in Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport – in the Air France Sky Team Business Lounge of course. Where else ? The occasion was the most expected inaugural non-commercial flight and first landing of Air France’s fleet first Boeing 787. The aircraft had been flown during the night from Boeing’s headquarters in Seattle before a group of privileged journalists and some senior management of the company welcomed it with a few words by Air France’s CEO. All followed by warm full applauses.

Business Madame : Could you resume your career and mostly please explain of what your job consists of ?

Fatou Gueye : I started at Air France in December 2008. I managed  various strategic projects and since 3 years now I am in my current position. My activity is a mix that goes from strategy, marketing and some operations with the digital environment you navigate when you actually buy your ticket to the seats you travel in. It ranges from the daily life of the product to keeping in mind a long term vision and increasing the quality based on regular datas and reports from customers using the Economy & Premium Economy.

BM : With so many options available when departing from or arriving in Paris what differentiating element plays a definitive role when choosing to book an Air France ticket better than any other carrier ?

FG : France. Anyone choosing to fly Air France is in search of that distinctive French way or Art de Vivre. Either hard touch meaning the product, let’s say its design and the French soft touch that is visible through our tradition of service mainly. As an ambassador we are entrusted to embody these ‘touches’ everyday on our flights (and beyond) through the customer experience.

… A longer version of the interview can be read here very soon.

airfrance.com also commissioned photographer Sasha Goldberg for a series of images enabling first flyers on the aircraft to pose with aviation related accessories and objects. Here below are a few shots.

b787-1Copyrights Sasha Goldberg for Air France

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