Kettal at H10 Casa Mimosa

Outdoor furnitures are more and more at the center stage and this mostly for the better. Once upon a time almost hidden outside the house or so if I must say – shadowed, at the rear of courtyards and not really enhancing one’s garden beauty. Now it is easily displayed on terraces and even makes its grand entry inside of our homes. Outdoor furnitures and lightnings (Artemide’s Tolomeo outdoor versions for instance) have found their place. A category in its own right that is even better when vintage forms or vernacular surroundings are mixed along with contemporary designs. Such as in hotels or concept stores, here shown are Barcelona Art nouveau 19th century H10 Casa Mimosa hotel which features Kettal’s Bitta by Rodolfo Dordoni, Kettal’s Park Life by Jasper Morrison, Kettal’s Vieques by Patricia Urquiola and duo Doshi Levien’s Terrain fabric collection. A Spanish company, Kettal is at the forefront when it comes to talking about serious outdoor equipment for private or business contracts. One of my best design from the firm is Hella Jongerius’ Bob, a club garden set made out of aluminium including an armchair, a stool and a side table. I also think that there are no season for spending some time in a lounge chair either in the fresh or warm air …

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